Classical Piano Concerts at the Municipality Theatre, Al Jimi, Al Ain – 11th to 14th November

Al Ain’s lovers of live classical piano music are in line for a major feast this month!Gulmira Abdukhalikova and Yana Welch flyer

Gulmira Abdukhalikova will perform a duet with Yana Welch on Tuesday, 11th November; followed by Polina Fedotova – on Thursday, 13th November and Ioannis Potamousison Friday,14th November after theWoodwind Evening‘- all these concerts are at the Municipality Theatre, Al Jimi, Al Ain.

Please note that these free piano concerts have been organised by the Elite Music Institute, under the supervision and patronage of the U.A.E.’s Ministry of Culture, Youth & Community Development, as part of the “Al Ain Music Competition:”The Gardens of Sheikh Zayed“…

Polina Fedotova flyer

Ioannis Potomousis flyer