Plans in progress for an AAMF 2017 ‘Young Hands & Voices’

Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez -organiser of the AAMF 2016 ‘Young Hands & Voices’ 

We are delighted to announce that Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez has agreed to organise a second “Young Hands and Voices” concert as part of the Al Ain Music Festival 2017 series of events this November!

More details to follow soon!

‘Magical’- “Young Hands & Voices” concert at Al Qattara Arts Centre


“Was amazing .. yes young voices and hands but big talent and great hope for a future were everyone speak the universal language of music love and peace.” Azhar Talal.

Our thanks go to Azhar Talal for providing us with this evocative photo of the AAMF ‘Young Hands & Voices‘ concert at Al Qattara Arts Centre on Friday, 18th Nov. 2016.

Our congratulations go to Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez for organising this concert so successfully!

Introducing Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez

yaremi-alvarez-at-pianoYaremi Ledesma Alvarez is the organiser of the AAMFYoung Hands and Voices‘ concert on 18th November at Al Qattara Centre. She was born in Cuba where she studied music from the age of 7 at the School of Arts. She started learning the piano, an instrument that became her passion afterwards. In the final year of her Music Performance Degree she studied double bass and classical singing.

After earning her qualification as a classical performer she joined the Music Teaching Faculty at the Superior Institute of Pedagogy where she graduated in 2003 and worked as an Assistant Professor for the subjects of Choir, Orchestra and Music History. She then started to learn the basics of several instruments to be able to support the students during rehearsals. She has composed music for radio shows in her home country and performed in various festivals as a soloist and as parts of musical ensembles.

She came to the UAE in 2005 as a performer, playing in several venues across the country but mainly based herself in Al Ain. Early after her arrival she joined the teaching forces as a piano, voice and theory teacher. She now owns her own Kindermusik program, enrolling and teaching children from 0- 7 years old.

Yaremi is currently the Instrumental Music Service Coordinator for Al Ain Academy, where she works as a Music and Spanish Teacher and is currently balancing work and study finishing her Master in Performing Arts.

She enjoys transmitting her passion for musical performance into her students. The ‘Young Hands and Voices‘ concert is a way to recognise all of the effort that these students from several schools across Al Ain put into their music practice every day. Please note that this concert starts at the earlier time of 6 pm.

Don’t miss is – it’s going to be memorable.

AAMF 2016 ‘Young Hands and Voices’ concert on Fri., 18th Nov.

young-musicians-performingOne of the main aims of the Al Ain Music Festival is to encourage local youngsters to pick up a musical instrument and perform.
So, this year, we are delighted to announce that there is going to be a concert dedicated specifically to their performances.

The AAMF 2016 ‘Young Hands and Voices concert will be held from 6 p.m. on Friday, 18th November – with the venue yet to be confirmed.

Its young performers will be the most talented music students from several of Al Ain’s leading schools.

This concert is being organised by Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez, the Instrumental Music Coordinator at the Al Ain Academy.

latest2AAMF 6Whilst this concert will be on the same evening as the AAMF 2016 ‘Reggae Night‘ at the
OnetoOne Hotel over in the Al Faida district of Al Ain, there should be enough time for a keen music lover to get across the city in time to see Natty Wailer and the Reggae Vibes perform.