Daniela Birladeanu and Guitar

Daniela Birladeanu

Daniela Birladeanu (photo) will be performing on guitar for us at the “Grand Finale!” concert on Friday, 29th November at the Sheikh Khalkifa Auditorium, which is on the campus of the UAEU’s College of Medicine and Health Services.

Daniela attained her bachelor degree in the “Ioan Voda” High School, Cahul, Moldova in 2002 and later graduated from the Music and Art Academy, Chisinau, Moldova in 2007.
Her teaching experience started back in 2002, though, working as a guitar teacher and music teacher for special needs children.
She is delighted to be working in the House of Arts, where she has been a Guitar, Piano and Music Theory teacher since September 2009.
Don’t miss her performance on Friday, 29th November.
Doors open at 6:45 pm.