Cancellation of the Takht Sharqi Concert

We regret to announce that the Takht Sharqi concert, which was scheduled to be held on 5th November, has had to be cancelled. Due to changes in the personal circumstances of 3 members of the ensemble, it was no longer possible for them to proceed with their planned performance.

We very much hope that Takht Sharqi will be able to return to the stage in Al Ain next year.

Takht Sharqi returns on Wednesday, 5th November

c Paolo Rossetti

We are delighted to announce that the Takht Sharqi ensemble along with their vocalists, Dana Obeid and Fadi Layon, will be performing at the AAMF 2014!

Their concert, featuring Oriental classical music and folk songs, will be held on Wednesday, 5th November. The venue in Al Ain is yet to be confirmed.

c Paolo RossettiThese photos were taken at the AAMF 2013 by Paolo Rossetti.


Takht Sharqi at the Multaqa Social Club, UAEU

Takht Sharqi at the Multaqa Social Club, UAEU

This Wednesday evening, 13th Nov., Takht Sharqi, led by Dr Hasan Wahwa, and featuring singers Dana Obied and Fadi Layon, will be performing for us at the Multaqa Social Club, UAEU close to the centre of Al Ain.

The “Classical Evening” will begin with a Talk on ‘The Life and Work of Frederic Chopin‘ by Katarina Peers. This presentation will be a fitting introduction to the performance of five pieces written by the master composer.

The doors open at 6:45 pm for a 7 pm commencement. Interest in this event has been very strong with well over 1,000 visits to the Takht Sharqi posting on our Facebook page.
Don’t miss out!

Classical Evening- Wed 13 November -Multaqa Social Club UAEU

Classical Evening on 13 November - Multaqa Social Club UAEU

Takht Sharqi will provide the opening performance in the UAEU’s centrally located Multaqa Social Club’s auditorium.

And, after the performance of classical Oriental works on traditional instruments; the five virtuoso pianists will play a selection of works by Chopin. That’s an exceptional combination of musical forms!

Don’t miss it!

Takht Sharqi – The Oriental Classical Ensemble

Takht Sharqi are our opening performers on Wednesday, 13th NovemberThey will be performing a range of songs from their Oriental classical repertoire.


Introducing the members of Takht Sharqi :Image

HASAN WAHBI PhD. in computer engineering

His main instrument is the Qanun, and he also plays the lute, and the violin. Hasan founded Takht Shaqri here in  Al Ain in 2009.


DIYA SAFADI    Diploma in music teaching

Diya’s main instrument is the lute. He also plays the violin and the piano   He was a member of union of artists and musicians in Suwida, Syria in 2007. Before that, in 2005, he was a Music teacher for children and adults. Then, in 2009 he became the Music Advisor for Takht Shaqri.


FERAS WAHBI       Bsc. in civil engineering

As can be seen, his main instrument is the lute. Feras also plays guitar, and percussion. He has been a member of Takht Shaqri since 2009.


 NASER   AKOWAN    Diploma in music teaching

Naser’s main instrument is violin   and he also plays the lute. From 2008 Naser was a Music teacher in Al Ain schools.  He joined Takht Shaqri in 2011.


 ISSA LOUISEH    Bsc. in petroleum engineering

Issa is the percussionist. As well as the Tabla, tambourine, drums , he also plays Keyboards.

In 1997 Issa co-foundedof Al Baath university music ensemble in Hims, Syria   In 2003 he was a Member of the Dohat Al Mimas club for music and arts in Hims, Syria.    And, since 2010, he has been a member of Takht Shaqri.


FADI LAYON   Diploma in music teaching

Takht Sharqi’s Lead solo singer, Fadi also plays Keyboards and the lute.

And, finally,

Dana Obeied of Takht Sharqi

DANA OBIED         Bsc. in Social Consulting

In 2003 Dana was a member of the chorus in Suwida, Syria.

She joined Takht Shaqri in 2010.