Update on AAMF ‘Reggae Night’- Fri., 18th Nov.- One to One Hotel

reggae-under-the-stars-flyer2Here is an update message from AAMF Director, Joan McEldowney, concerning the ‘Reggae Night‘ event this Friday…

We regret that Natty Wailer and the Reggae Vibes can’t make it to the gig on time! We will go ahead with our Reggae dj under the stars and bring our community together. This is a new venue in a beautiful garden. The manager wants to offer his garden space to the expat community. He worked really hard for the performance license to be granted.¬†All pre-paid ticket money for Natty will be refunded in full. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation.

The revised price for entrance to the event will be 75% off at 50 dirhams. Food and drinks are available. This is still going to be great, the weather is so beautiful now. We have worked so hard for this festival to happen. We achieved 7 out of the 8 events. This disappointment came at the 11th hour. So sad and disappointed but the dj show will go on in the spirit of Bob Marley. Peace and love.

Natty Wailer’s message for Al Ain’s music lovers and reggae fans

Natty Wailer sends this personal message to music lovers and reggae fans in Al Ain…

The beauty of life is the manifestation
of a secret law,
that would be otherwise hidden.

the secret law reveals from all hearts…
One love one heart one destiny
is the humans purpose.
Is this love?

Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1595204004108787/ for more details of the AAMF 2016 “Reggae Night” on Friday, 18th November.