AAMF 2019 Acoustic Night photos…

These great photos of the performers at the AAMF ‘Acoustic Night’ on 31st January at La Dolce Vita venue were taken by locally-based photographer Khalid I. L. AbuTaqiya



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Manfred Malzahn to perform at AAMF Acoustic Night on 31st Jan

We are very pleased to announce that Manfred Malzahn will be making his debut AAMF performance during the ‘Acoustic Night‘ concert on Thursday, 31st January. manfred-malzahn

Manfred started playing guitar as a teenager and began to perform in German and British folk clubs in the early 1970s. manfred malzahn with guitar caseHe was a member of “2+1”, “Patchwork” and “Dreirad” in Germany, “High Ground” and “The Solan Company” in Scotland, “The Living Stones” in Malawi and “Free Association” in the UAE, where he has been living since 1998.

He started writing his own songs in the 1980s; some of his lyrics were set to music and recorded by the German bands “Distant Friends”, “Blind Summit” and “Puzzlepie”. maxresdefaultHe also wrote the libretto for a musical play that was staged in Germany in the mid-1990s.

Manfred will be performing on the AAMF ‘Acoustic Night‘ at La Dolce Vita venue on Thursday, 31st January at 6 pm. This concert is free of charge.

Don’t miss it!