Atlanta Frith set for AAMF 2016 ‘Folk Evening’ -Friday, 11th Nov.


We are very pleased to announce that Atlanta Frith will be performing at the AAMF 2016 ‘Folk Evening on Friday, 11th November!

Singer songwriter Atlanta has written and performed her original music, a blend of Blues, Jazz, Soul and Folk, in live music venues in Melbourne, Australia, and London, UK. She is now living in Al Ain.

atlanta-firth-with-guitarCollaborative projects have seen her work with renowned Jazz and Classical Australian musicians Nick Tsiavos and Peter Neville on two cross-cultural recordings centred round the poetry of activist poet Abidya from Indonesia.

Atlanta Cecilia’s debut album ‘North‘, draws upon her love of spoken word poetry. Her ‘North‘ songs can be sampled at:-

Atlanta Frith will share the ‘Folk Evening‘ stage with singer and guitarist, James Bradley, from Belfast, and our AAMF 2016 Director, Joan McEldowney.

‘AAMF 2016 Folk Night’ set for 10th November!


Joan McEldowney performing at the Sands Golf Club.

The AAMF 2016 ‘Folk Night’ will be on Thursday, 10th November at the Sands Club, Al Ain.
Two singer/guitarists – both from Northern Ireland – will be performing for us…
Joan McEldowney will be joined that night by James Bradley, who is also from Belfast.
More details of this concert -and the rest of the AAMF 2016 Programme- are coming soon!