Jordi Savall returns with Hesperion XXI on Sun., 15 Jan.

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 Grammy award-winning artist, Jordi Savall, returns with Hesperion XXI to Al Ain’s oasis and the Bin Hamooda Fort on Sunday, 15th January.

..Again with the help of the ancient music ensemble Hespèrion XXI, this time augmented by artists from India and China, as well as with prominent Emirati artists, Grammy Award-winner Savall, one of the most exceptional figures in today’s music world and a major concert performer, will undertake the incredible task to recreate the music of Ibn Battuta’s spectacular travels. As one of the principal architects of the current revaluation of historical music, Savall, who plays viol and rebab, will guide us on a journey through time and space, performing the music Ibn Battuta heard during his visits to royal courts, palaces, public places or small villages. A long forgotten world and its enchanting atmosphere will come back to life through the magic of music which will be complemented by readings from Ibn Battuta’s exotic travel journal, allowing music and words to mix and recreate his marvellous adventure.
Born in Tangiers in the Hijri year 703 (1304 AD), Ibn Battuta was an explorer, voyager and writer, visiting the Middle East, the Maghreb and Mashreq regions as well as parts of Africa, Europe and the Far East. These extraordinary journeys were documented in his travel record, making him one of the first globetrotters (Jawwala) of history and one of the early masters of travel literature (Rihla). The Arab world remembers him as the “traveller of the Arabs” (Mussàfir al-Arab) and the “traveller of time” (Rahala al asr). For Western scholars, who began studying and translating his work from the 19th Century on, he was the “Voyager of Islam” or the “Arabic Marco Polo”.
For his second concert in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Savall will present Ibn Battuta: The voyager of Islam II in the magical setting of the Oasis of Al Ain.

Jordi Savall performs in Al Ain this Wed. 25th Nov.

jordi-savall_03_wideOn Wednesday, 25th November there is going to be a most remarkable concert in Al Ain. As part of the Abu Dhabi Classics 2015/16 series, Jordi Saval and Hesperion XXI will be performing music from the time of the famous voyager, Ibn Battuta.

jordi-savall-by-herve-pouyfourcatJordi Savall‘s Honours and Awards include:-
2008 – Appointed European Union ambassador for intercultural dialogue
2008 – Savall and his wife, Montserrat Figueras, were named “Artists for Peace” by UNESCO;
2009 – Handel Music Prize from the city of Halle, Germany;
2011 – Grammy Award for Best Small Ensemble Performance for Dinastia Borja. Església i poder al Renaixement;and,
in 2013 – French Légion d’honneur


Driss El Maloumi

Not only the level of artistry, but also the selection of venue for

this concert is exceptional! The Bin Hamoodah Fort is an unfamiliar location for many long term residents of Al Ain. It belongs to the Al Hamoodah family.

Has this fort hosted any live music concerts before?
Where exactly is this Bin Hamoodah fort?
The GPS coordinates for the venue are:-
24°15’21.3″N 55°44’53.0″E…/@…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0…

hesperion-xxiNote that Jordi Savall will also be presenting a lunchtime Workshop at the Al Ain English Speaking School this Wednesday, too.

This venue is very familiar to AAMF supporters. Last Saturday, for example, it hosted the AAMF 2015 Workshop – ‘Creating Through Music‘ – organised by Music Teacher, Paola Conte.

The AAESS also recently hosted a workshop provided by members of the Indian Symphony Orchestra. Over 600 students and staff attended……/2013-07-…/extra-curricular-activities

We expect a similarly strong turn out for this highly prestigious Jordi Savall Workshop. For more background on Savall’s career go to:- and his own website:-

Abu Dhabi Classics 2015/16 series’ offerings for Al Ain!

The Schedule for the new Abu Dhabi Classics series for 2015/16 has now been officially announced.

And, Al Ain will benefit from more appearances by stellar performers than last it did last series!

Jordi SAVALL9161594169_rHighlights of the new series include the conclusion of Jordi Savall’s tour of the U.A.E. with Hesperion XXI. The grammy-award winning Savall will maintain the theme of “Ibn Battuta: Voyager of Islam” begun last year with an open air performance in Al Hamooda Fort on 25th November.

  • CBSO at Al Jaheli FortThe City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (above photo) returns to Al Jaheli Fort on 9th December with the promise of performances of hits from 50 years of James Bond 007 movies.
  • On 14th January there will be a “Spanish Night” under the stars at Al Jaheli Fort – including the music of Manuel de Falla – with the arrival of the Sinfonica de Galicia with star pianist Javier Perianes.
  • Pianist Martha Argerich performs at the Al Ain branch of UAEU along with Kremerata Baltica on 3rd February. Expect works by Shostakovich and Mozart to be on the programme.
  • The Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra will perform Bartok’s Second Violin Concierto and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on 24th March in Al Jaheli.
  • And, finally, the China Philharmonic Orchestra with Long Yu and Jian Wang will appear at the UAEU, Al Ain, on 10th May.

For more information on the Abu Dhabi Classics series 2015/16 go to:-