The Sounding Boards Band

The Sounding Boards Band

The Sounding Boards is an Al Ain band which formed two years ago…

Guitarist and lead vocalist David Frey leads the group with an eclectic selection of songs which range from punk, to country to Irish rock.

On bass, and backing vocals is David Connell who composes music, and is an accomplished performer from the heavy metal Toronto music scene.

Classically trained cellist, Danielle Bruckert adds haunting musical melodies to provide the band with their signature sound.

And lastly, veteran drummer Mark Campbell backs the band with an assortment of dizzying bespoke rhythms.

The Sounding Boards will be performing on the ‘Opening Night‘ on Friday, 8th November at the Sand Club.
Don’t miss it!

A New Band – Jack Rabbit Slim !

New band in the oasis city - Jack Rabbit Slim !

Jack Rabbit Slim – Grab your first chance to experience Jack Rabbit Slim! With a musical sound as eclectic as their roots, Missouri meets Mexico, Pakistan and Atlanta in the UAE’s newest line up. Expect jazzy, funking beats interlaced with retro soul and a healthy helping of up-beat blues rock sounds – enough to bring on your finest dance floor swagger. Polish up your high heels, smooth down your hair wax and bring it!