Swing Revue in Al Ain tonight!

This swinging video shows the Swing Revue Band playing ‘All About the Bass‘ at the AAMF 2015 “International Jazz Evening“.

The Swing Revue make their overdue return to Al Ain this evening.
The AAMF “All About the Jazz! concert starts at 8 pm in the Zest Garden at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel.

The Desert Jazz Duo, also down from Dubai for this concert, will play the opening set.

Tickets, available at the door, are priced at AED 49. Don’t miss it!

Full house for AAMF “Young Hands & Voices” on Fri. 24th. Nov.

Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez, the organiser of the AAMF “Young Hands & Voices event on 24th November, has informed us today that all of the 250 tickets for this concert have now been reserved.

Young Hands & Voices concert bannerThe Al Ain Academy’s auditorium is going to be full next Friday for this concert, which will feature performances by a number of the local schools’ gifted young musicians.

Some tickets, priced at AED. 49, are still available for the AAMF “All About the Jazz! concert, starting at 8pm. ,tomorrow night at the Rotana Hotel’s Zest Garden. 

For details of the Al Ain Rotana Hotel, including its location map, go to:-


To reserve your concert tickets, email alainmusicfestival@gmail.com .

All About The Jazz Roundabout BillboardDon’t miss it!

Swing Revue return to Al Ain on Friday, 17th November!

Laura and Dean Swing RevueWe are delighted that the Dubai-based Swing Revue band will be performing at the AAMF ‘All About the Jazz! concert at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel this Friday, 17th November. The band’s performance at the AAMF 2015 “International Jazz Evening” ( see video below) was received with great acclaim.


Swing Revue performing at the AAMF 2015 ‘International Jazz Evening’

The Swing Revue band members are:- Eric Bernabe, banjo/guitar; Janelle Bernado, percussion; Soren Hansen, bass; Laura Ingham, vocals; Rob Milner, piano; and Dean Pratt, trumpet.

Background details about this region’s leading Swing Band are available from their website:- http://www.theswingrevue.com/


Swing Revue at the AAMF 2015 ‘International Jazz Evening’ at the Hili Al Rayhaan Rotana Hotel.

The Desert Jazz Duo will also be performing a set on the same schedule this Friday, 17th November.

This jazz concert starts at 8 pm. The stage will be in the hotel’s Zest Garden, close to the Rotana’s Zest restaurant and the hotel’s pool area.

Tickets are priced at AED. 49. The Rotana Hotel has provided the AAMF with a limited number of tickets in advance. To reserve these tickets, you can email us at alainmusicfestival@gmail.com .
Tickets will also be available on the door on Friday evening.
                                                     Don’t miss it!


“All About the Jazz!” Zest Garden, Al Ain Rotana, 8 pm. Fri. 17th Nov.

All About The Jazz Roundabout BillboardHere’s the Al Ain Rotana Hotel’s billboard advert for the AAMF’s “All About the Jazz! concert, which will be held in its Zest Garden area. The Desert Jazz Duo will be joined by the Swing Revue Band.

Our thanks go out to Audi for its corporate sponsorship of this event! For tickets, priced at AED. 49, call +971 3754 5111 .

An AAMF 2017 update


Following on from the successful opening events of the “Creating with Music” Workshops and the “Garden City Classics” concert there are more AAMF 2017 events to go out and enjoy!

AAMF 2017 Open Mic Nite v2This Friday, 10th November, Sandy Buckner will be hosting the “Open Mic Night” at the Danat Al Ain Resort Hotel’s Luce restaurant.

On Thursday, 16th November, the AAMF returns to La Dolce Vita venue with the “Acoustic Vibes!” concert.

All About the Jazz!” will be hosted by the Al Ain Rotana Hotel on Friday, 17th. November.

And, the “Young Hands & Voices” concert at the Al Ain Academy‘s auditorium on Salem Street, in the Al Sarooj district of Al Ain will be held on Friday, 24th November.

Look out for more details of the remaining AAMF 2017 events – coming soon!

Desert Jazz Duo to play the AAMF ‘All About the Jazz’ on Fri. 17th Nov. at Rotana Hotel, Al Ain

Paul Moutarde & Tamas Antal Marina Social P&T-4We are delighted to announce that the Desert Jazz Duo will be performing at the AAMF ‘All About the Jazz concert on Friday, 17th November at the Rotana Hotel, Al Ain!

The Desert Jazz Duo are Paul Moutarde on sax and Tamas Antal on keyboards. They have a very busy schedule of performances at top venues in Dubai, so we are fortunate that they will be returning to Al Ain after their debut at the AAMF 2015.
More details of the ‘All About the Jazz‘ concert, including ticket information, will be appearing here soon!

For more information about this duo, visit their website – http://www.desertjazzdubai.com