The AAMF 2017 Schedule!

AAMFWe are pleased to announce that the Schedule for the Al Ain Music Festival 2017 has now been approved!
There will be seven events featuring a wide range of musical genres between 3rd and 24th November. Locally based musicians will be joined by special guest performers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

These AAMF 2017 events will be held at four different venues in Al Ain. The Luce Italian Restaurant in the Danat Al Ain Resort Hotel and the la dolce vita venue will be hosting AAMF events for the first time this November.

Once again, admission for the majority of the concerts will be free of charge! And, for the others, the prices will be modest!
So, come along to the Al Ain Music Festival 2017 and support your local musicians!

AAMF ‘Garden City Classics’ on Fri. 3rd Nov. at la dolce vita, Al Ain!

AAMF 2017 Garden City Classics concert flyer v1

The AAMF 2017 ‘Garden City Classics’ concert will showcase the talents of a host of local musicians!
They will be joined by renowned oud player, Khaled Badrieh, and his band, Arabistica.

There is no admission charge for this concert at the la dolce vita venue, located off Khalifa Bin Zayed the First Street in central Al Ain, across the road from Al Jahili School.

Please note that this AAMF 2017 concert starts earlier than usual at 6:30 pm. on Friday, 3rd November. 

Don’t miss it!!

la dolce vita – a new venue for the AAMF 2017 events!

La Dolce Vita logoThere’s going to be a new venue for AAMF 2017 events this November!
la dolce vita!

Mission – To provide our community with a space to develop their yoga practice, mental well-being and sense of community. Through the mediums of music, yoga and different arts we aim to encourage people to develop their interests, find new ones amongst us and to engage in stimulating activities throughout the year.

la dolce vita is located off Khalifa Bin Zayed The First Street…,55.7433889,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3e8ab12541142d2f:0xca6202851f2d6c08!8m2!3d24.2083219!4d55.7455776


Plans in progress for an AAMF 2017 ‘Young Hands & Voices’

Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez -organiser of the AAMF 2016 ‘Young Hands & Voices’ 

We are delighted to announce that Yaremi Ledesma Alvarez has agreed to organise a second “Young Hands and Voices” concert as part of the Al Ain Music Festival 2017 series of events this November!

More details to follow soon!

The ‘Chronicles of Khan’ band accept invitation to AAMF 2017!

The Chronicles of Khan emerged onto the U.A.E. music scene as a collective of rock musicians…

Chronicles of Khan 2

A project that started out as an outlet for singer-songwriter Khan soon became a rock n roll band when his childhood friend, Sean Walters, took up the role of lead guitarist. The band slowly came together with the addition of Nick Arrieta on Drums; Shez Mo on Guitars; Joe on Bass; and finally Ross as the band’s Percussionist. Though several members changed in a short course of time, these 6 remained constant and were the basis of the bands trademark sound – which is best described as a blend of ‘generations of rock’, With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Beatles to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses to Dave Mathews and the Foo Fighters.

Chronicles of Khan has played at festivals, such as the Middle East Film and the Comic Con, the Capital Vibes, the Beats on the Beach, the Sikka Fair, the Azadi Rocks Festival, and the Truck Jam U.A.E.. This band has also entertained crowds at Dubai’s regular live music venues; for example, The Music Room and the Stereo Arcade.

Chronicles of Khan 1Their performances have been known to be dynamically full-blown rock n roll shows, full of on-stage energy, combining melodic guitar riffs with booming bass lines and animated drum rolls, which are fronted by husky and grungy vocals. On certain occasions, the boys will let their guard down and treat their audience to some deep cuts with more ‘MTV Unplugged-style’ concerts.

Chronicles of Khan recorded their E.P. in the summer of 2017 and are looking to officially release it very soon.

They describe themselves as a multi-nation rock band deeply rooted in the U.A.E., which is known to have people from various cultures, religions and traditions. The Chronicles themselves have had members originating from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, Iran, Lebanon, England, Croatia, New Zealand and Australia, who are all proud to call U.A.E. their home turf.

We are delighted that they have agreed to perform at the AAMF 2017!

Khaled Badrieh to play at AAMF ‘s ‘Classical Evening’ on 3 Nov

We are very pleased to announce that the Syrian oud player, Khaled Badrieh, has accepted our invitation to perform during the AAMF 2017’s ‘Classical Concert‘ on Friday, 3rd November.

Khaled performed to acclaim at the AAMF 2016, and this time he will be supported by his band members.

The venue for this concert is yet to be confirmed. 
Keep a lookout for more AAMF 2017 schedule details. They will be appearing on this webpage soon!