Natalia Tykhonova to perform at ‘Garden City Classics’ on 3rd Nov.

Natalia Tykhonova croppedWe are pleased to announce that Natalia Tykhonova will be accompanying mezzo-soprano Dr Sherri Weiler during the performance of two pieces by Rachmaninov at the AAMF’s ‘Garden City Classics concert this Friday, 3rd November.

Born in Ukraine, Natalia got a Masters degree from the Donetsk Conservatory named after S.Prokofiev in 2006. She has won prizes and awards at several international and Ukrainian festivals and competitions. And, Natalia has performed with a variety of chamber orchestras and jazz bands. She has taught music for over 17 years now.

Natalia has lived in the UAE since 2011. Currently, she is an instructor at the American University of Sharjah.

Don’t forget that the ‘Garden City Classics‘ concert starts early at the La Dolce Vita venue! The event begins at 6:30 pm.. And there is no charge for admission. Don’t miss it!

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