‘When art meets music’ at Bin Hamoodah Fort on Thurs., 9th Nov.

Trombone Trio

The Trombone Trio of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra with pianist Jeroen Bal: ‘When art meets music’

Set in the beautiful outdoor Bin Hamoodah Fort in Al Ain on November 9th, “The Trombone Trio of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra” and pianist Jeroen Bal will explore the connection between music and visual arts, therefore creating a unique sensory experience that will take the audience on a harmonious musical journey that is rare of its kind.

In a programme inspired by artworks, the Trombone trio will perform pieces by composers such as Modest Mussorgsky, but also Anton Bruckner and Franz Schubert, whose music isn’t only to portray the presentation of certain paintings or buildings, but also to evocate the feeling left behind by the visual impression on the artists…

For more details and ticket information of this latest concert

in the Abu Dhabi Classics series go to:-


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