‘Emerging Talent Competition’- closing date is 30 Sept!

Yasalam Emerging Talent competition

FLASH Entertainment’s annual Emerging Talent Competition (ETC) returns as part of Yasalam, the favourite race-host city festival, providing a unique platform for regional music acts to showcase their talent and make a splash on the music scene. Starting  Sunday, 30 July, entries for the 2017 edition of the competition open.

To participate in the competition, aspiring artists and bands are required to submit links to their recorded and video material, along with answering a few questions about their participation to FLASH Entertainment through the yasalam.ae website before Saturday 30 September.

An expert team of local music and entertainment professionals will then select ten shortlisted artists or bands, who will receive guidance through tailored workshops and mentorship programmes focused on improving their musical talents and helping build their identity. They will also be granted the unique opportunity to perform a live acoustic session at Yas Mall, the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi.

Following an in-depth and educational training period, the judges will select the top three finalists who will compete for the ultimate prize to perform at Yasalam 2017. If that’s not incentive enough, the winner of this year’s Emerging Talent Competition will also be offered invaluable  industry experience, and will secure a year-long residency in The Village, du Arena in 2017 and 2018, along with the unique opportunity to perform to packed out crowds on The Village stage on the final evening of the Yasalam After-Race Concerts.

For contact details, go to:- https://abudhabievents.ae/en/Pages/yasalam-emerging-talent.aspx#

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