Natty Wailer to perform at AAMF 2016

natty-wailer-mainWe are very pleased to announce that Natty Wailer has accepted our invitation to perform at this year’s Al Ain Music Festival!

Natty, also known as Nathaniel Ian Wynter, performed on stage and in the studio alongside of the legendary Bob Marley.

..Wynter’s first appearances on Marley’s studio releases were on “Who the Cap Fit” and “War” from the Rastaman Vibration album.He would go on to be a regular session musician with the band, credited on 18 songs on the Songs of Freedom Bob Marley box set, including the 12″ mixes of “Exodus” and “Jammin’” as well as “Rat Race”, “Crazy Baldheads” and a live version of “No Woman No Cry”…” –

natty-wailer-in-concertMore recently, Natty Wailer has collaborated with Sean Agus Noa; the Northern Irish reggae group, Breag; and Australian dub/reggae act, Secret Masters.

Details of the AAMF 2016 “Reggae Night” will be appearing here soon! Don’t miss it!

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