Marat Bisengaliev arrives this Thurs, 8th Oct…

Marat-Bisengaliev2Marat Bisengaliev will perform with the Indian Symphony Orchestra at Al Ain’s Municipality Theatre this Thursday, 8th October from 8 p.m.. This is the first concert of the ‘Abu Dhabi Classics 2015/16′ series to be held in Al Ain.

He is described by “The Times” as a “brilliant violin soloist”. Marat Bisengaliev has also been designated “a Latter-day Ysaye” by the American Journal “Fanfare“.
And “The New York Times” says that “He has taken to heart a style of playing that was a hallmark of violin virtuosity early in the century, and is only now coming back into favour after several decades in the shadow of a more drily rational style”.

Marat Bisengaliev’s biographical details, including his career highlights to date, are available at:-

Tickets are still available for this Thursday’s concert at:-

SOI logoMarat Bisengaliev and a number of the Indian Symphony Orchestra’s members will be providing a workshop session for school students of the Al Ain English Speaking School.

This workshop starts at 1 p.m. on this Thursday, 8th October -the same day as their concert at the Municipality Theatre.
It is expected that several hundred young students will benefit from this exposure to high calibre musicianship!

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