World Class Guitar Trio performing “Sea of Strings” on Abu Dhabi Corniche on 16th December


Jason Carter1The tickets have nearly all sold out now for the City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s concert at Al Jaheli Fort on 16th..
However, if you failed to get one, there’s another fine concert that same night in Abu Dhabi!
Dominic Miller, Sting’s bass player, is teaming up with Jason Carter and Kamal Musallam

Jason Carter has sent the following personal message to AAMF supporters…

Hi everyone

Short notice I know but just a quick note to say that I will be playing on Tuesday evening at the Volvo Ocean Race (Destination Village) with Kamal Musallam (Oud) and Dominic Miller (Guitar).

Kamal has carved a unique and dynamic career for himself crossing musical boundaries with his Oud, from Arabic Music to Jazz and everything in between. Dominic Miller is best known as the mainstay guitarist in Sting’s band but started out as a classical guitarist and will be playing acoustic guitar.

Really looking forward to this unique collaboration with two good friends. We start at 7pm and admission is free so hope to see you all there.

With best wishes from Jason Carter

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 04.08.08

“The concert, for which entry is free, will take place on the floating stage at the Volvo Ocean Race Destination Village on Abu Dhabi’s stunning Corniche breakwater. Audiences will be treated to a selection of solo, duo and trio pieces performed in the three artists’ diverse styles on the harp guitar, classical guitar and oud.”

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