Orchestra, choir, ballet, modern dance, and an art exhibition!

House of Arts Logo_high resolution

The House of Arts has provided some more details of its end-of-year concert event, entitled “A Date with Mozart” :-

“The students of the House of Arts are getting ready for a very special event. The upcoming end-of-year concert will once again showcase the talent at the House of Arts; but in doing so, it will also take you on a journey through the life of the man who is arguably the most popular composer of all times: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
You will hear many beautiful tunes written by Mozart that may be familiar to you from their use in telephone ring-tones or advertisements, or even from versions performed by the famous Lebanese singer Fairuz.

You will hear violins, guitars, pianos, singers, bands, an orchestra and a choir, and you will see ballet, modern dance as well as an Art Exhibition and quite a few surprises. In short, be prepared for a highly entertaining celebration of music!”
Lots on offer there then!!

* ‘A Date with Mozart‘ concert will be held on Friday, 13th June from 6 pm. at the Al Ain International School.
Tickets are just AED.30 for adults and AED. 15 for children. More details are available from info@house-of-arts.net *

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