AAMF 2014 SurveyMonkey Report

Kevin's selection AAMF Final Logo


Here are the main findings from the survey…

In response to the Questions 1-4 -concerning which days of the week are preferred for concerts, ‘Friday’ and ‘Thursday’ received many more positive responses than ‘Tuesday’ or ‘Wednesday’.

In response to the Questions 5-10 -concerning which musical genres would be preferred for the AAMF 2014-, all of the proposed genres received more positive responses than negative ones.

The genres with the strongest support were ‘Classical’, and ‘World and Folk Music’; followed closely by ‘Jazz’ and ‘Choral Music’. There is quite strong backing for another ‘Young Musicians’ Evening’ , too. However, there was more limited support for more ‘Rock and Blues’ music.

These helpful findings will be fed into the planning process for the schedule of events for the Al Ain Music Festival 2014.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the survey!

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