A Super Evening of Classical Music and Fine Dining – “A Taste of Classics”

An Evening of Classical Music and Fine Dining - A Taste of the Classics

The local House of Arts teachers have
“…put together a program that will take the audience on a trip around the world through the medium of dance including How Downs, Salsas, Tangos and traditional music from Eastern Europe, which is renowned for its dance-like flavour and emotional depth. The main piece for the evening will be Faure’s piano quartet in F minor – a piece in 4 movements that takes the audience on an emotional ride through his trials and tribulations. With our quintet, however, we have switched the usual cello part for a bassoon, which adds a completely different texture and flavour.

More French favourites will follow before, you, the audience tucks into a flavoursome delight. After your main course you will be treated a collection of short, exciting dances from around the world – all cleverly arranged by our very own Dan Turcanu – here feel free to sit back and enjoy or to get up and dance the night away to the many different styles we have on offer.”

This evening of classical music and fine dining is on Saturday, 17th May at the Rotana Hotel, Al Ain. The venue is the hotel’s ballroom, and starters will be served from 7pm.
Tickets are available at the Rotana Hotel, Al Ain and at the House of Arts, Al Ain.

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