The Grand Finale! Concert Provided a Fitting Climax to AAMF 2013

Last night’s “Grand Finale!” concert provided a fitting climax to the Al Ain Music Festival 2013.

The large audience enjoyed some excellent performances during the wide-ranging programme of classical works, some by revered masters, such as Franz Schubert and Antonio Vivaldi – and other compositions by emerging talents – Dan Turcanu and Jackie Small, who were both present in the Sheikh Khalifa Auditorium.
The first half of the programme reached its crescendo with the concluding Paganini Variations for two Pianos‘ performed stirringly by Pavlina Rangelova and Denitsa Georgieva.

During the second half we witnessed the Al Ain Chamber Orchestra, which was formed only 6 months ago, growing in stature…



and here in this photo, taken during the first half of the Programme, Vivaldi’s “Quel passagier son io” is performed by tenor, Teodor V. Iliescu; with Dan Turcanu, Daniela Birladeanu and Pavlina Rangelova on guitars.


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