The Climax of the AAMF 2013 Approaches!

Young Musicians performing

So far this festival has witnessed four super events…

On the Opening Night there were 3 splendid sets by the bands, not to mention DJ Bad Tempo’s grooves…

then there was the Classical Evening -with the excellent Chopin recital with performances by 5 of the country’s top pianists; and the engaging classical Arabic songs performed by the great Takht Sharqi Ensemble;

next there were no fewer than 85 performers – with 5 choirs – at the memorable Choral Evening;

and last Friday, the the talents of the fine ‘Young Musicians’ were on display at the Brighton College Al Ain with the Al Ain Chamber Orchestra and ‘House of Arts’ instructors providing them with the necessary support.

Can the “Grand Finale!” top these events and provide us with a resounding climax to the AAMF 2013?

 Take a look at the Concert Programme below and you will see that all the ingredients are in place for a wonderful evening of classical music. Get along to the Sheikh Khalifa Auditorium, UAEU College of Medicine and Health Sciences, this Friday at  7pm.
 Don’t miss  the last event of this remarkable music festival!

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