Dan Turcanu, Director of the Orchestra

Some of Al Ain’s most talented young musicians will be taking to the stage
at the Brighton College Al Ain next Friday, 22nd November
– at the earliest starting time of the festival – 6 p.m.. 

These musicians will be supported by the Al Ain Chamber Orchestra which was formed
at the House of Artswww.house-of-arts.net ) earlier this year.


The Director of this orchestra is Dan Turcanu, a music instructor at the House of Arts.
Dan, originally from Bucharest, is a member of several Romanian and international orchestras, such as the Neue Internationale Philarmonie, Sibiu Youth Orchestra, and the Chișinău Youth Orchestra.

In 2010-2011 he was the conductor of a Music Department within the National Historical Park in Sitka, Alaska, where he trained young Native Americans and other young musicians.

He is also an enthusiastic chamber music player, being a member of various ensembles.
And, as a composer, he has already won numerous prizes at composition competitions.

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