Takht Sharqi’s Programme


Takht Sharqi, the Oriental Classical Ensemble, are now scheduled to perform after the five virtuoso pianists on Wednesday, 13th November at the UAEU’s Multaqa Social Club.
The ensemble’s Director, Dr Hasan Wahwa, has provided us with the programme listing for their performance.

The first part features Dana Obeid as lead vocalist…

Samaii Tatyos 
سماعي طاطيوس كرد Instrumental
Khayef A’ Oul
خايف أقول Dana
Yamahla Al Fus’a
يامحلا الفسحة Dana
Re it Husnik
رقة حسنك Dana


Here is the second half of the programme, featuring Fadi Layon as lead singer…

Samaii Al Arian
سماعي العريان بياتي Instrumental
Yamurru Ojba
يمر عجبا Fadi
Tallu Hbabna
طلوا حبابنا Fadi
Yamal E Sham
يامال الشام Fadi

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